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Pizzofalcone | 12:01 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | Crosswords
2 Answers

I have 3 left which I'm stumped over, so any help gratefully received.

10 across - Person who longs to poison a dog and horse (4) P?G?

23 across - An Old English character almost rejected a romantic painter (4) ?O?A - possibly Goya, but can't parse

2 down - Anchor in space by sea, as they say (5) E?C?E



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Pugh pug + h(örse)goya - yog(h) reversed + aemcee - em (space) + cee (sounds like sea)
12:03 Sun 26th Nov 2023

Pugh pug + h(örse)

goya - yog(h) reversed + a

emcee - em (space) + cee (sounds like sea)

10 ref is under milk wood

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