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Ev 1619

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saladdodger | 06:38 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
19 Answers

25a Fumed about husband heading to disco (6) R??KED


21d Tense Empress regularly alters hubs of activity ??MP?ES


38a Docked mark in proofreading concern ?ARE



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25 Reeked, fumed. RE, about, eke, husband/save and D(isco)

38 Care(t)

25a Yes

Fumed (reeked) = re(about) + eke (husband as in husbandry) + d(isco)

38 Care(t), printing mark/accent.

Templets (t extra)

T(ense) Emp (a)l(t)e(r)s

Temples = hubs of activity

Question Author

Thanks all for confirmation of my guesses...

Question Author

Although my grid is full, i can't see what to highlight,

I have some of the extra word clues far have 12a,28a,40a,41a11,d?,36d

I am struggling like you on this bit - but I think I have highlighted the block of 7

I have 12a, 17a, 28a, 40a, 11d, 31d and 36d

However I "dont like the letter generated by 31d! It looks wrong!


JJ, I no longer have my notes ( a scribbly bit of paper!), but I don't  think I had anything generated from 31 D. I'll maybe have another look...

32d possibly

But I am also looking for another"E"

17d is the other E!

Thanks, JJ, I was working on a reply  - glad you got it.

The last letters also make sense now!

Yes, JJ, it all came together in the end!

Saladdodger - if you hadn't understood our conversation

41a is not one. The other three that you didn't have are 17a, 17d and 32d

Question Author

Many thanks JJ109..will have another look..


Help with 24a) fellow performer not rating island (4) ?ose

Also , have finished but can't see where the first letter of the extra word in 11d goes. Thanks

24 Costar - tar = Cos (alternative spelling of Kos/island) - the 4th letter is athematic E

The letter goes in column 8 row 6

Thanks jj109. 

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Ev 1619

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