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FleshpotsOfDevon | 13:10 Thu 07th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
15 Answers

I've more or less finished the grid and the unclued shenanigans, but one clue is being stubborn. 

Posted a letter to former archbishop (7) 


I have ?E?TAM? 




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Sent a MUformer Archbishop of York
13:12 Thu 07th Dec 2023

Sent a MU

former Archbishop of York

Question Author

Thanks! Not a gentleman on my radar...and I'm glad to see that U on the end! 

You're welcome, Fleshpots!

Me too

Also have the word chain


One left to go

Boss has to grovel for LA brawn


I have ?EA? CHEE?E

Something cheese


Head Cheese - name for brawn in some parts of the US

Doh yes i can see Boss - Head

is Cheese grovel?

cheesein British English

(tʃiːz )

VERB slang1. (transitive)

to stop; desist

2. (intransitive) prison slang

to act in a grovelling manner

CHEESE definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary (

7D Free to exchange vouchers (6) RE?E??. REDEEM? Why?

Just a double definition? 

Yes,I have just checked a dictionary and Redeem can mean to free and also to exchange vouchers.

Aha! Thanks.

Are all of the chain words real words? I have 5 words I know and 3 I don't.  

Ignore my previous post. Mistakes were made! Lol

I have one unclued ending 'ten' and so the last one must begin 'ten' but I can't join up the chain. Otherwise they seemed straightforward words. Thanks in advance for any possible prompts.

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