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Sunday Express Skeleton Sunday December 10Th 2023

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mazzywazzy | 15:55 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
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I've finished but can't parse a couple. 5a crease behind a couple of bowler. Rumple?

5d. Concrete found given to others. Reallocated?




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5 Yes - Real = concrete, definite and Located, found, came across.Reallocated, given to others.

5 concrete=real, found=located

5 Crease, reumple. Rump = behind and LE is a couple (of letters) in bowlers?

I assume it's bowlerS, but I'm still not sure why it's Rumple

may just be RUMP (behind) and two letters from bowLErs

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Thanks all!

You're welcome.

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Sunday Express Skeleton Sunday December 10Th 2023

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