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Ev 1620 - Help With Parsing Please

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JJ109 | 13:22 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
21 Answers

Wordplay includes an extra letter not to be included in the grid.

12a Slave's contradictory support in Senegal!

Answer ESNE (slave) The extra letter discarded is a T

9d Make certain daughter's embraced last

Answer ENSURE. The extra letter discarded is an S

32d Discourages mother drinking port

Answer ?AMPS. The extra letter to discard is a T

The only word that I can think of with a T in there somewhere is STAMPS, meaning the input would be SAMPS.........but???

23d I have two alternative answers for

Needing quiet English settled in Delaware valley


The extra letter is an E

I prefer DENGUE (if you have it you get vicious headaches - need quiet) ENG(lish) settled in DE(laware) with a U(valley).... but it doesn't scan and Idon't see where the E which has to be lost, comes from!

It could also be DINGLE (valley) DE(laware again) but the rest......

Many thanks



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12. Could Tee be support, add Sn (Senegal) Remove T.
14:03 Mon 11th Dec 2023

23. if you took the SH (quiet) off engliSH and put the remaining letters in Delaware (De) you'd have dingle+E

Question Author

Yes - I like that Spicerack - Thanks!

I don't do these type of Xwords and I suspect it's above my pay-grade. Keep it 'current' until the brainy kids turn up.

12. Could Tee be support, add Sn (Senegal) Remove T.

9d - ENDURE - after removing the extra 's' insert 'd(aughter)' def 'last'.

32d DAMPS ('DAM' for mother and P[t] abbrev 'port' - extra 't'].

...DAMS - mothers!

Question Author

Very many thanks Spicerack and Prof Maisie. I am kicking myself now!

I have spotted the two names and they fit in with the theme - but I haven't a clue what the rest of the preamble means - so I am not going to attempt the removal of the 8 individual cells (11).

Thanks for all the help

They're the rest of the surnames in abbreviated form, JJ - and one of the surnames is doing 'double thematic duty' because it starts with the abbrev (so is counted twice).

Question Author

Thanks Prof - finished then as all the deletions leave real words/proper nouns etc!

I have worked out the event but have no idea what cells to delete and the surnames appearing in the grid. Would someone kindly give me a little nudge. Thanks.

Question Author

Two "Christian" names of five letters appear  in the grid. These two peoples "surnames" apply to the theme. The individual cells to be removed are all the same letter, and the only ones of that letter in the grid.

27d Briefly suffering, friend erected a shelter from sun (6) 

?AL?PI   (i is extra) ...possibly  

pal reversed   ill for the suffering ?

10a Like appeal to skate off course (6) AS R??     astray?

Extra is i

30d Send back a lot of people engaged by squadron of the fleet previously (6) ??M?ND   extra is Y

Question Author

27 palapa = pal reversed + pai(n) briefly suffering

The I is extra

Question Author

Like= as

appeal = it, the I is extra 

Ray = skate (fish)

= astray = off course

Question Author

Remand = send back

Many a lot of people, y extra

Red = squadron of the fleet

Question Author

27 ^^ + accepting "a"

Thank you JJ109

How does 4d work? and 33a?

4d Source to register team going up. RADIX - source,   IX team going up...extra is E...perhaps "read" for register ??

33a Scoundrel heading to take away medieval instrument . ROTE  ... R is extra

Question Author

33 Scoundrel = rotter, take away "to"s heading ie T = roter (R) is extra and gives Rote (the instrument)

Question Author

4d read as you say is register, E is extra = Rad + IX (eleven/team, reversed) = Radix  (source)

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Ev 1620 - Help With Parsing Please

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