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Bumper Xmas Crossword Rte Guide

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Echobongo | 07:32 Tue 12th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
12 Answers

1d A little munchie for the horsey? Nay, 'tis just a cliche! (8) ?H??????

54a Apprehension amongst the naughty on his arrival at Advent (7) K??????? - could it be Kringle but why?

29/60a Likewise, readers greeting, my response (3,4,2,3) ??E ?A?? ?O ???

55d Give ear to such an engineer: fine fella, we say here! (5,3) ????D ?A?

47a TAke 10 to determine if you're slightly one over the eight...(5) T????  (answer to 10 is Eggnog) so could this answer be TIGHT? but why?

24a Beetles bested by Daddy Long Legs? How come? (6) ??T???

17d From door to door, goodies galore go globally: heavy-duty shipping for Santa! (7) ????A?E

18a A time that goes back with the central rings of the Angelus (4) ???N




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29 The Same To You (what you say when someone wishes you merry Christmas...)

55 Sound man, an engineer and a fine fellow!

17 Haulage?

18.  noon

1 Chestnut

47. Tight is a slang word for being slightly drunk.

54. kringle seems ok.  another name for santa claus, if you've been naughty you'd be apprehensive he wouldn't come.


54. Krampus

47. tipsy

Question Author

damolen - thank you - that's it!

Question Author

And thank you to all - your answers helped so much! Love Answerbank!

47a.  Tipsy

18a.   Noon

29/60a.  The same to you.

55d. Sound man.

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Bumper Xmas Crossword Rte Guide

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