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Sunday Express Skeleton 7Th January 2024

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Frustrate | 18:41 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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Brain freeze again this week. Help please on

1d Extremist at large.11 letters ?r?e?a?i?o?

6d Short French cleric has run through empty temple, note. 11 letters ???r???????

9d wet day valued after midpoint of drought. 9 letters ??t??????

16a Anglo Saxon verb,  Rex concluded 4 letters   ????

23a Copper admits loathing a castle.  7 letters c?l?e??

Hope somebody can help please .Frustrate



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Free radical.

Question Author

Many thanks for all your help. Frustrate

How do you arrive at Over other than the word "concluded"

Can anyone help with that one. It's driving me mad

I'm not sure, but the R probably comes from Rex (a common abbrev meaning king or monarch) leaving Ove. This seems to be scandinavian name in origin, and the Saxons are from the Germany/Denmark area, so a possible tenuous link there, but I can't fit "verb" in.  Very flaky answer, but the best I can do (and it will drive me mad now 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀).

Anglo Saxon = Old English (O.E.)

Verb = V

Rex = R

But I can't see an anagram indicator or something tomove the V up

Thanks for all your help - maybe the compiler missed out an indicator

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Sunday Express Skeleton 7Th January 2024

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