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Scottish Field

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johnT | 14:34 Wed 10th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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February issue: All are Scottish words, terms or slang and also could also be regional Scottish terms or variations only used in specific geographical areas. Due to difficulty and often many variations of spelling, some of my adjoining letters might be in error.


3d. Go down the slope (3,4,3,4) G?G ?O?? ??L ?RAE

2nd word is possibly DOON

Last word is possibly BRAE

I thought first word could possibly be GAN but 7a suggests it can't be.


7a. Shrink (5) C?I?G

Possibly CLING (the letter G giving 3d letter of 3d)


14a. Leave a room (3,3,4,2,2) ?A? ??? ??O? W? ??

3rd word letter O could also be a letter E as 13d Young salmon (5) could be SMOWT or SMELT


25a. Walk flat footed (3) ??P


Many thanks from a ramfeezled gadgie.



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7 My dictionary has Crine....

3 Gae Doon The Brae?

Question Author

Many thanks

That changes 14a Leave a room (3,3,4,2,2) letter-count to

?A? T?? ??O? W? ??


Also changes one of the answers I thought I had nailed!

16a. Strike (6) S?E???

I had SCLAFF. Another option could have been SKELP or SKELPIT if they fitted, or some variation.

Many thanks from a manie chiel

16a ? Skelpt

Question Author

Thanks Moorea7

Just thinking SKELPT sounds more past tense and the clue 16a Strike (6) indicacates present tense. But nothing seems to make sense - even clues I thought I'd got (and got references and proof of) seem to be wrong when attempting to solve adjacent clues.

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Scottish Field

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