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Spectator 2636 - By Cheesecracker

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Matakari | 13:27 Mon 15th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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Good day, I’ve been travelling from one country to another and could not complete the puzzle. I’m back now and have finished all the clues except one. And one Unclued still remains unsolved. Help would be appreciated for the following, thanks in advance.

(Twelve unclued lights may be grouped into three quartets and their unchecked letters spell out ask engineering-academy.; each quartet comprises two natural pairs. All unclued entries are normal words, one is in Merriam-Webster and one is thematically linked to its quartet via a Broadway musical. )

24a Extremely sick and unwell, dispersing in Glasgow? (8) : ??A?MING  



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25 Skailing - SK, end letters, extremely of Sick +Ailing, unwell. It's a Scottish word, meaning dispersing, Hope your errant M is easily fixed!


Matakari, if you have only one unclued to get, the letters listed in the preamble should  be a massive help....

Matakari, did you get this finished off? If you want a tougher challenge, you could try yesterday's EV...

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, I think I've got it now with CANTIL for 11a.
I may have a look at the EV, but am a bit hesitant by your
"tougher challenge" reference. Anyhow I'm now having  a
go at the Sunday Times and Mephisto which are much more
Matakari friendly.

Thanks, Matakari. I'm sure you'll appreciate the Sunday Times cryptic and Mephisto more than you'd appreciate EV - it involves lots of misprints and many answers are to be entered 'thematically'.  Last week's EV was a delight, but it had single extra letters in 36 clues.  Still, you never know until you try...

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, I'll stick with the ST and Mephisto for te time being!
Is my 11a correct?

Thanks, Matakari - Yes to your 11 A.

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Spectator 2636 - By Cheesecracker

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