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Telegraph 3,248. Last Three.

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sandyRoe | 13:03 Sun 21st Jan 2024 | Crosswords
1 Answers

15a Couple knocking swine about in book(7)T?o???e.

13d Lightweight or heavyweight dog?(5)???e?.

25d Shop I Ran set Up(4)?e?i.




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15a Twosome - 'sow' (about; back, in) 'tome'13d Boxer25d Deli - 'I led' (up)
13:04 Sun 21st Jan 2024

15a Twosome - 'sow' (about; back, in) 'tome'
13d Boxer
25d Deli - 'I led' (up)

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Telegraph 3,248. Last Three.

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