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Lovatts Stinker

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carrottop10 | 11:26 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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Hi need help on lovatts stinker 

Urgent matters (11)


Not 100% certain the I correct thanks



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Question Author

Hi sorry that should be not certain the a is correct


Would mean most of your letters are wrong though!

which A are you unsure about?

Question Author

I think I need a drink!!!

It should be



Could you please check those letters again carrottop?

emergencies? necesseties?

Neither fits though

Question Author

The clues and answers across are

For the e

Almond  liqueur - ratafea

For the e

Lead mineral - Galena

For the a which I am not sure of

Flabbergast - amaze

For the I

Crushed  seed  paste  - tahini

And for the s

Needle monument - obelisk 

I think the liqueur is Ratafia

Question Author

Hi thanks that would give me imperatives 

I am sure your S is right !

Thanks, carrottop10 - glad you got there! ( And I checked, Ratafia is in Chambers).

imperatives is right. 

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Lovatts Stinker

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