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crossclue | 23:42 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
19 Answers

1. Nutter watches tasty conker (5,8) ?a??? chestnut

2. short father before national teacher could be deferential (8) ?t?e?e?t

3. he's been, or so we hear (5,8) ?o?a? a?k???o?

4. one from the gaeltacht (3) a??

5. turn over piece of tableware for span of time (3) ??a



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1. water chestnut (anag)

5. Era 

4. ? ach

1 water chestnut, anag

4. should maybe be ain?

3. rowan atkinson ?

4 aon?

5. era

Question Author

Thank you all for your help, just have number two left to get

2. Looks like reverent if letter "t" is wrong??

Question Author

Pole vaulter loses lute to double up (7) - I have OUTLEAP, does that look OK? It would make number two above "short father before national teacher could be deferential (8) ???e?e?t" if it is incorrect

? Overlap

Yes, overlap anag of 'Pole vaulter' minus lute

2 Yes, rev ere nt looks good

Question Author

Thanks again, they have worked in but I have had to change one - "fail to hot visit, we hear, to get it wrong (7)" - I have M?S?A?L

Question Author

"fail to hit visit" not hot visit

Miscall if the clue reads " fail to visit we hear...."

Still miscall with that!

Question Author

All done! A late night this time. Many tanks again to you all for your invaluable help!

Why don't you give the person who has helped you most' best answe'?

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