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The Spectator 2638

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Matakari | 08:03 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
25 Answers

Good morning, I'm still flummoxed by the anagrams for these three.
Thanks for your help again!

1a    Make bourgeois rogue grin, yet to embrace female (8):   ?????IF?

 41a  Time in new home for Aussie addict (5): ?ET??

16d  Poor sides in ideal soccer tie with equal potential (11) : ???E?E?????




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1 Gentrify

41 Metho

16 Isoelectric

Question Author

Many thanks, NACW, I follow the workings of the anagram for these three.
Help with the final four clues should shed some light on the theme.

11a  A sailor pockets peso with original value (2,3) : A?P??

14a  Old Yemeni’s brief month in Israel (5) : S?E??

43a Huge ruler put on weight, mostly (8) : ??O?K??G 

6d  Fitting clothing for earl – it can’t be declined (6) : ??T??E ( ATTIRE )
          ( But I have NERO for 13a )


at par

P in A TAR

Thanks, Matakari.

11 At Par

14 Sheba

43 Stonking


I hope you fare better with the thematic part!

Stonking fits?

Ston(e) King

So does Nero give you another letter?

NMA, Nero means there's an O as the fourth letter in 6 D. 

that seems easy then- apt is fitting

Might as well answer it then APTOTE

I'm not sure where the TO in the middle comes from though

Question Author

Thanks, all! This looks like the final hurdle towardw the theme.
This one has slipped through the net:

2 Poet’s easily cut old number (4): ETH?

And a confirmation for the following UNCLUEDS:

9d A?HB?NEI?

26d TE?DE?Y




Matakari, Ethe. You have wrong letters in both of your unclued entries - the A in the first, the T in the other 

Matakari, sorry, your D also looks wrong....

Matkari, I hope that slotting in those answers - and sorting the couple of mistakes - enabled you to finish this off? I thought it was a lovely, well-crafted puzzle with a nice, multt-faceted theme.

Question Author

Thanks again, NACW, I thought my 8a was correct:
8 Small cover for head or neck (4)  : SWAG
Then, I'm left with the last UNCLUED at 9d:

Matakari, Swag simply doesn't work, fit the clue! S = small, Wig is the cover for head, and Swig means to neck, drink, gulp etc. 

That should help you with the last unclued... and I'm sure you noted the preamble mention 'one of three words'....

LO- swag must be SWIG surely!

S + Wig surely? What part of the clue suggests swag?

NMA, glad you felt the same about the Swag!

PS You mentioned the To in 6 D - I think it comes from the 'For' in the clue. The 'clothing for' gives the To inside the Apt, fitting...

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