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Rte 6

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scooke | 12:13 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
11 Answers

1d seems like the deer badgers the deer hunters (10)???g?o???

15a from tabloid to broadsheet it goes to press.. as the same one compressed(4)??d?

27a climatic occasion of  last year.. only fit for a king(8,6)??o???n?,???e?t



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1d Staghounds

1d staghound?

indo (The Independent)

27 crowning something 

Crowning moment

crowning something is it definitely 8,6?

That's it chelle, 8,6 (the answer to one of the clues is Otto and that gives O for the moment 😉)

...and Jo, didn't see you had it answered 1st, sorry 

It's fine, ducksie 😁

🤗 Jo 

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Rte 6

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