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Scottish Field

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johnT | 15:26 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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February issue: All are Scottish words, terms or slang and also could also be regional Scottish terms or variations only used in specific geographical areas. Due to difficulty and often many variations of spelling, some of my adjoining letters might be in error.

Last one (I think)


16a. Strike (6) S?E?C?

Letter E derived from 3d word THE. Considered STRICK, but letter E scotches that idea (pun intended).


3d. Go down the slope (3,4,3,4) G?E ?O?? T?E ?RAE

I have GAE DOON THE BRAE (and letter E from THE provides E for 16a. As the word THE is in the clue, I'm suspicious of it also being in the answer. I'm suspecting another word instead of THE - which would leave letter count as:



Appreciate any help as 16a is the last one.



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3 tha instead of the

stailc is a strike (industrial) but that doesn't fit your pattern

^ Is your C definitely correct?

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Letter C comes from 8th letter of 8d:

8d. Last sheaf of corn cut at harvest (9) ??I??E???

I have CAILLEACH and can't find any reference to alternative spelling.

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So assuming 8d. CAILLEACH is correct, 16a can't be STAILC (with that spelling) - and I can't find alternative spelling of STAILC that fits the wordcount.

I've been looking for a regional variation of STAILC that has the same meaning but can't find one yet. Maybe something similar like STALCE or SPANCK but can't find anything.

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Scottish Field

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