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Rte 7

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scooke | 16:03 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

23d S________t? ( excel that) 10 S?????????t

28a no breaks, you hear, just move on swiftly...(10)?????e?a??

18a... pressed as they may be with such issues that dont reach the public at large(7,8)?i???e?,??m,m?i???



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28 Accelerate (no breaks/brakes)

23 superscript?

is 18a 7,8 or 7,3,6 ?

23   Spreadsheet your  letter count says 10 but letter pattern 11.

Question Author

18a is marked(7,8)

In that case would you like to revise the letters you've given us?

Can we have the correct letter pattern then. please?

Question Author

18a  answer is... limited edition

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Rte 7

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