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Sunday Express Skeleton 4Th February

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Frustrate | 08:50 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

Stuck on a few, help please

5a concealed sleeve on a shirt 5 letters c????

8a An actress left this clue behind in absentia 5 letters ????h

6d Times square uprising two missed 4 letters ????

7d Wader at rest somehow stays afloat 11 letters ??????water 

16a "Thanks chaps!" for Mexican food 7 letters ta?a???

Hope for your help please. Frustrate




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7d Treads water (anagram wader at rest)

16a Ta males

5 Cover T (shirt)

8 L (eft) eigh (t)(the clue number with the last letter missing (in absentia)

6 Eras (times) - square reversed(uprising) with two letters missed

Question Author

Many thanks everyone. Can finish it now. Frustrate 

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Sunday Express Skeleton 4Th February

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