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Scottish Field

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johnT | 14:19 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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March issue: All are Scottish words, terms or slang and also could also be regional Scottish terms or variations only used in specific geographical areas. Due to difficulty and often many variations of spelling, some of my adjoining letters might be in error.


1d. Tool to make the holes in a horseshoe (7) ?W?????


9d. Awkward (8) ???H?R??


10a. Don't (6) ??S??E


18a. Cheerfully (10) H?R??????Y


Many thanks



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10 dinnae?

18 Hertsomely?

Question Author


If it was DINNAE, then my 2d would be wrong.

2d. Bad-tempered woman (6) BE???E (I have BESSIE giving me the S for the third letter of 10a.

10 Disnae? 

Question Author

Neveracrossword: Thanks for suggestion of DISNAE

Although it fits with the letters already got, it's definitions on websites I've checked relate to doesn't rather than don't. Dinnae relates to don't - but unfortunately not the letters I have (at the moment).

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Scottish Field

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