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Enigmatic Variations N0 1629- Ceaselessly By Curmudgeon

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Matakari | 09:44 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
19 Answers

Good morning, a nice challenge from the EV for this week! Some help would be appreciated for the following, thank you!

( The title CEASELESSLY is omitted from the quotation reading clockwise around the grid’s perimeter, starting in the top left corner. Single extra letters generated by wordplay in down clues give a hint leading to an instruction. Chambers Dictionary ( 2016 ) is recommended.)


1d  Banking system turning up in every novel ( 8 ) : ??IG????

3d  Europe’s land deployed for coating of seeds ( 10 ) : ??D?T??U??

6d  Cover with gloom lake bottom and ancient vessel even for poets ( 8 ) : ???AMC?N

 14d  Sincere with reference to beer ( 4 ) : R???

24d  Helper employed by Picasso is terrific ( 8 )  : ?S?IS?Y?

27d  Big shot comes over maintaining well-informed rule ( 7 ) : S??REM?





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1 Original

6 Bedarken

14 Real (Re Al(e))

24 Hidden in the clue (remember the 'extra letter generate by wordplay, this means you cal nose one here)

Sorry about the crazy typing at the end, Matakari - it was meant to read 'can lose..'

1d. original - l extra

3d your T is wrong - endopleura - a extra

27 With all the letters you have, finding a word for a 'big shot', tycoon etc, should be easy!

3 D Your T is wrong

27d supremo - c extra

Question Author

Many thanks, jj109 and NACW! Let’s see how close I can get to the quotation with help for the following! Thanks in advance!

32a   Might in the past primarily shed togs after last month of spring ( 5 ) : ?AY??

40a   Independent set in Middle East showing attribute ( 6 )  : ??P???

5d     Form of prole, now those considering themselves underprivileged ( 7, 2 words ) : ??W???R

19d   Emit in a stream pamphlet including Ireland in outdated vivid description ( 10 ): ??UR?R??C?

32 Mayst -May (last month of spring) s(hed) t(ogs)

Thanks, Matakari - I thought you'd fare much better with Chalicea's/Curmudgeon's clues.

32 Mayst. might in the past, ie an old word. May+S(hed) +T(ogs)

5 D New Poor

16 D Pourtraict

40 Impute - I, Independent, Put = set and ME, Middle East. Impute, attribute.

Question Author

Thanks again! I actually got 32a and 40a but could not parse them. I’m still
befuddled by 24d for which I have:

24d  Helper employed by Picasso is terrific ( 8 )  ?SSISTY?

I may have gone astray with some crossers.

24d Assister (hidden in the clue if you remove the extra "O")

Matakari, 24 D is simply Assister, hidden in the clue (omitting the O from Picasso)

42a Mockage not mockery

JJ, thanks for that (working out where Matakari went astray) - I wondered how my earlier hint (fairly specific) for 24 D hadn't helped!

Question Author

Thanks, mockery threw me off completely! Assister was so obvious! Anyway, now on to the quotation!

Matakari, glad you're on the right track now.

Good luck with the quotation, I'm sure you'd like to get that bit by yourself - so that the 'nice challenge' doesn't become an ordeal for you!

Question Author

Merci beaucoup, I've got the quotation and it's a good feeling, indeed. It's done!

Great stuff, Matakari - that is huge progress! As they say in football, a game of two halves ...

PS I almost forgot to do the ... final step.

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1629- Ceaselessly By Curmudgeon

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