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Times Jumbo Cryptic 1659

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stevenj | 22:18 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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Hello I hope you are well. 
Quite a tough puzzle I thought. Some I got because I had the letters that fitted. Does that make sense? Some very clever clues! Just one that I can't think what the answer might be and it's only four letters long! 
character standing leaves to exercise joint. I have?e?d

any thoughts welcome





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Weld (joint - 'wIeld' (to exercise, character standing leaves)

Hope you're feeling ok, Steven 🙂

Question Author

Goodness me Sir! I have to believe you because you are you!! And I get weld to fix a joint. But standing character ...?

thanks anyway sir


Sorry, was away from the screen & I've noticed that I mucked-up my punctuation.

'I' is the standing (upright) character/letter that leaves 'wield'.

Question Author

Good morning Sir . Thank you!


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Times Jumbo Cryptic 1659

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