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Mofin01 | 17:31 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
11 Answers

Wow, today's crossword is very difficult! Not sure I have everything right and an sick on two more clues!

1Accross: can softies transform to this despicable type? (10)


1Down: Tidy Cattle (4)


Any help is much appreciated !



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1a neofascist 


10 neat 


Sorry, Toorak. Was typing and didn't see  your answers.

No problem - it's easy to cross posts 🙂

Question Author

Thanks a mill guys, I'd never have got that!

Where does neat fit with cattle ??

See my link above ^^^

Question Author

Wow, Toorak, I'm very impressed!!!

Tks so much for the explanation 

Neat is an old word for a cow.

There used to be a product called Neats foot jelly.

Question Author

Tks sandyRoe, I've learned something new today! I guessed Neat was the answer but couldn't work out why, even after googling it! I hate not knowing the reason for the obvious answer, that it is why I love this forum!


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