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kamanu15 | 11:45 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

Been a while but today stuck on doing Monday's Xword.

19 A Notice in a french inn lately not observed (6) got U?S?E?

27A Waiting for mass, perhaps (7) got S?R???E

9A Altered flag in front of exhibition? Its a devious act (7) got F?????E

8AGuides at home with risks (7) Got I???C?S

22D Brings out priest fronting appeal among depleted churchgoers (7) got E?I?A?S

Many thanks all



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19 Unseen

27a  Service

8a ?Induces

9a Finagle   anagram  flag in e

8a I think IN dices is better. dices = risks. indices (indexes) are guides.

22 elicits

priest = eli + "cs" (depleted ChurchgoerS) around it (appeal)

Question Author

thank you everyone - a great help

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