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Vodkalil3 | 14:38 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

Fool takes fish cheer up


Prisoner is reportedly against chats


Dealt with dreaded problems surrounding ship


Accustomed to commercial contining top ten melody


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Console - 'con (fool) sole (fish)'Converses - 'con (prisoner) verses (reportedly "versus"; against)Addressed - anag 'dreaded' (surrounding) 'SS' (ship)Attuned - 'ad' (containing) 't(en; top) tune (melody)'
14:41 Wed 21st Feb 2024

1 Console - Con, fool, trick and Sole. fish. Console, cheer up.


4 Attuned, accustomed to.

1 console

2 converses

3 addressed

4 attuned

2 converses ?

2. Converses, chats. Con, prisoner and Verses sounds like, reportedly,  Versus, against.

Console - 'con (fool) sole (fish)'
Converses - 'con (prisoner) verses (reportedly "versus"; against)
Addressed - anag 'dreaded' (surrounding) 'SS' (ship)
Attuned - 'ad' (containing) 't(en; top) tune (melody)'

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