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The Spectator N0 2642- By Lavatch

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Matakari | 18:32 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, a Spectator that’s more friendly than this week’s EV.
Some of the Unclueds are falling into place, but the preamble remains
a bit mysterious to me. It should turn out to be a fascinating endeavour.
Help with the following would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

1d People looking good: Turkic people one leaves ( 6 ): ?S??R?
4d  Swallows and gnus let out (7) : ?Y??U??
5d Move gently around your paths for aircraft (10) : ??R?P?ANE?  ( AEROPLANES )
24a Dyes quiet clothing queen returned (6) : ?EN???
39a Wicked, base convict – flipping criminal! (7) : ?L?????



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rather than going off your letter patterns which can be wrong, just look for a simple anagram when there's an idicator like OUT

4d engluts

24a Hennas

39a Illegal?

24a- yes to hennas

queen ANNE in SH reversed/returned

Yes to Illegal, criminal/ Ill. wicked, e, base + Gal is convict reversed, flipping.


Matakari, glad you're faring a little better with this one...


Forget that - I was looking at the pattern for wrong clue

NMA, I don't know where that answer's going... but it's certainly not in my grid! (PS It's too long for 1 D and doesn't fit the definition).

It fitted the pattern given for 4d (I looked at wrong line) and is a Turkish people. But as I said it was for the wrong clue

Is the pattern right for 1d then please neveracrossword?

Thanks, NMA. No, Matakari's S - in 1 D - is wrong.

Question Author

Thanks, any hints for  1d and 5d?

In 1D, the first two words form the definition....


Does it begin GA??R? maybe?

Question Author

Yes, newmodarmy, that looks good to me. It fits well with my 1a and my 5d which now begins with GY...

I agree with your GY one- definitely wasn't AEROPLANES!

Matakari, glad I could help, glad you fixed your 1  D mistake and glad you saw 5 D more clearly!

Have you got 1d now Matakari or do you want another hint?

Question Author

Got all but one of the Unclueds and another clue! I'll get them after  my Tv show.

Great to hear, Matakari. You'll be back to solo finishes soon, I'm sure!

Good monring

having trouble in the south east corner with 40A

Painter after long periods (6)

I have L????r?

31D presumably a homophone of Sexton but not sure what (6)

I have ?E???N

The clue is like some fecers gravedigger reported

For 28D Unclued i have B?P?IS

For 29D i have T?NNA? (6)

beat Chinese people up in police station Tannah?


struggling at 1A i have GO?S?E??

Presumably its two words

Any help gratefully received

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The Spectator N0 2642- By Lavatch

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