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Saturday Telegraph Prize Gk Crossword 13,032

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chokkie | 06:25 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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Morning, folks.  Just stuck on one this morning ...

25a Word, based on “disc, pane of glass, slice of a loaf”, for a pulley-wheel; or, an impure fleck in finished paper  (6 letters)



Many thanks, Chox.





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Yes, Jo, it is SHEAVE 🙂

Thanks, Steff 😁

Question Author

Thank you both so much.  Cheers, Chox.

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sorry folks, there's one more ..., rod, twig", a term for an observable streak, wisp or "jellyfish cloud" of ice crystals, raindrops or snowflakes that evaporates before hitting Earth.  (5)  v?r?a


Cheers, Chox.


26d  from Latin for "branch

From memory, it might be 'virga' I'll go check 

Question Author

Hi guys, just worked out that last one - it's "Virga".  Many thanks for your help with the other one.  Have a great weekend folks!  Cheers, Chox.

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Saturday Telegraph Prize Gk Crossword 13,032

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