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Ev N0. 1631 ( Missing ) By Eclogue

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Matakari | 09:44 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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With lots of help, I’ve got a maximum of 14 missing letters out of 28, insufficient, I think, to make further headway. I’ve solved on my own 16 clues without being able to determine the missing letters for them. They are the following and I would be happy to know where the missing letters are for them, thanks in advance:

ACROSS: 13(Asps); 15(Oeillades); 16(Tusche); 17(Ring Up); 18(Outleap); 25(Retract); 26(Coacts); 27(Zsa Zsa); 29( Niellated); 36(Synod)

DOWN:  5(Unclear); 9(Uses Up); 10(Dry Up); 19(Lacerta); 24( Bonito); 30(Ecco)

(Four answers must be modified before entry to reflect an historic event. In 28 other clues there is a letter MISSING in the definition; in clue order, these letters provide a similarly thematic name (2 words) and an object ( 3 words ). Once the grid is filled, solvers must draw a line through 12 contiguous cells to loosely indicate the resting place of a thematic name ( a block of 15 cells, which must be highlighted ). Enumerations and word counts relate to grid entries. Chambers Dictionary  (2016 ) is recommended.)



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15a peEps

17 Call (ring up)

18 jetE (a leap)

25 ruLing

29 Scored

36 diVan (synonym for synod)

26 as onE

5d noT

10 tOasted

30 theRe

your other answers are normal clues without a missing letter

the missing letters are 5,7  ...then 4,4,8

Matakari, I expect Roslyn's help was the final shove you needed to finish this off. 

I have good news for you. The latest Private Eye crossword is extremely Matakari-friendly!

Question Author

Greatly appreciated, Roslyn251254, this should be my final plea for help after which I should be on my own come what may! I have isolated the following answers which I think do not have missing letters:

13a ( Asps );  16a ( Tusche );  27a ( ZSA ZSA )

9d ( Uses Up )  ;  19d ( Lacerta );  24d ( Bonito )

Now, missing letters for the following?

1a ( Corks ) – modified answer;  14a ( Carroty );  31a ( Nitrian );  32 ( Neck ) – modified answer
34a ( At Peace );  4d ( Sirih );  7d ( Spraint );  22d ( Mazdean );  26d ( Coned )- modified answer 

Matakari, I think you have failed to read the preamble properly. You mention looking for missing letters in the modified answers! There aren't any -'in 28 other clues...'

14 'p (I)lus'

Matakari, not every other clue has a missing letter - as the preamble says, there are 28.... How many have you now ticked off?

Question Author

Thanks,NACW, I've now ticked off a sizeable number of letters that send me sailing through some rather rough seas!
Looking to see where the other letters are, but I may not need them.

Thanks, Matakari. With Roslyn's very useful word/letter count, you will be able to make perfect sense of those letters (only a couple needed, and they're fairly obvious). Please, please do the final stage yourself! 

Question Author

Yes, this part does seem pretty obvious! A closer look at the remaining clues with  missing letters reveals what appears to be Marie Celeste and five mast schooner?

Matakari, I'm sure you're not really asking for further confirmation of the letters?  I'm sure too that you're very keen now to do something with the information - just do as the preamble says, indicate the resting place... and highlight a thematic name. This is the fun part of a thematic puzzle, pulling the theme together. It's up to you to spot the resting place, up to you to show you have the thematic name.

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Ev N0. 1631 ( Missing ) By Eclogue

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