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marjessica | 18:44 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
12 Answers

Burned out by heavy responsibility? (6)

Not complicated to create impulses without us? (6)

moving abroad with nine from the Granite city? (10)

my lab's a disaster - really bad! (7)

taking first three from universities, Queens in unlike any other? (6)

meteor crashed from population centre? (6)

strip of pasta - old one, unfortunately? 6

dreadful pity - heartless sort is keyboard operator? (6)

someone to send to conference? Get Adele, possibly? (8)



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1 burden

7 noodle

9 delegate

8 typist

6 remote

5 unique

4 abysmal

3 aberdonian

5 unique

2 simple

marjessica, please number qns next time, it's much easier to write answers

Question Author

Thankyou so much. I have found a lot myself.

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