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Spectator 2643 Help Please

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quinol | 17:02 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

20 across unclued: st-in-

probably steine (possibly omitting an acute accent on the 2nd e?)

but could it be strine?

the rest was a bit too easy perhaps?



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I think it has to be Strine so that the 7-letter word, at 5 D, works.

Yes, I felt it was too easy to be satisfying, and I didn't like that there are alternatives for the 3- and 4-letter words (referred to on another thread).

Question Author

many thanks, NAC, but can't you add either an e or an r to 5d: entries to keep up the chain?

Thanks, Quinol. I didn't keep my list of the words, possibilities,as I went along- so you're maybe right. I know I had a nice orderly series, apart from possible ambiguities at the beginning. I was in the huff with the puzzle, after all the easy clues! 

Quinol, I'm happy that I chose Strine - Steine isn't in any of my three dictionaries. Strine is.

PS The accent wasn't in a thematic entry, according to the preamble it's 'elsewhere'.

Question Author

thank you Neveracrosword, I mow see etui would need the accent, I'll go for strine

'Strine' for Aussie talk is pretty mainstream now. So 'good on yer, cobber'

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Spectator 2643 Help Please

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