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Eye Crossword N0 773

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Matakari | 11:57 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Crosswords
22 Answers

Good morning,
Help with the following would be much appreciated.

11a Rogue Daily Mail finally gets at one (9) : ??C???T?C
18a Spare working crown, as Charles and William have gone? (4,2,3): T?????G?P
25a *** look clean (7)  : E?????H
 3d Outfit showing force, ejecting Ukrainian leader (5) : D?E?S
6d US film industry putting together Bush deal, say? (9) : ??????OP??




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18 Thin On Top

25 Eyewash

3 Dress (from Duress, drop the U)

6 Hollywood (so your p is wrong)

11 Your final C is wrong - Charlatan, rogue.

Question Author

Thanks, a bit of a struggle with these! Help, please!

1 Feeble Bob, vulnerable type (4,4) : L?M?D???  ( LAME DUCK )
5 Press gives minimal coverage over peer's end (6) : ?H?O??
24 Agency accepts alternative date for veto (6) : ?O?B??
8/27 Knockers going after Left forced into bankruptcy (4,4) : ??N?/?U?T
9 Badenoch's last broadcast swindle cut (6) :?A?R?O

5 throng

9 hairdo

1 lame duck

24 Forbid - FBI, or d(ate)

24 forbid

8 went bust

Glad I could help, Matakari. I missed the second batch...

Question Author

Thanks, Toorak, Scorpiojo and NACW, I actually got these answers except 24 and 8/27 ( GONE BUST), but hesitated because I could not parse them. Eye Crossword is somewhat risqué here. My last two:

22 Cover back when pursued by party stand-in member (5): D?L?O  ( DIDLO )
15 Philip reportedly in no way back in charge (5) :  T?N?C

22 Yes, ***. Lid, cover, backwards and Do, party.

Tonic  - Not, reversed and IC, in charge. Philip sounds like Fillip, tonic

The answer to 22 could be defined as a stand-in/replacement member!

Question Author

Thanks, NACW! Excuse the typo in 22a, and again I got TONIC, but could not see the parsing. On to the Jumbo Crossword for a bit of amusement!

Thanks, Matakari - I wondered (afterwards) if your typo in 22 was deliberate, to avoid the AB filter!

Today's Jumbo was very enjoyable - and I don't think you'll need help(from here or anywhere else!).

Question Author

Closing this one, but would like a parsing for this:
29 Money taken by Republican buffoon – a common feature (5)G?A?S  
                                ( GRASS )


Thanks, Matakari. That Grass clue has been answered several times already. Grass is a common feature, a feature on a common, grassy area. I think it was G, grand, 1000, money, R, republican and then....buffoon.

Question Author

Merci beaucoup, NACW !

Thanks, Matakari - I think it might have been Toorak who parsed it(for others). I'd just stuck in the answer when I did the puzzle!

Do any of you have a link to the Jumbo crossword, please?

I've run out of crosswords.

Tilly2, I think it's only subscribers who can access links to the Times puzzles. I know Lie-in King sometimes helps out...

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Eye Crossword N0 773

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