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Funday Puzzler

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Jaimsieboy | 11:57 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

I think there is an error in this weeks edition.

49 Down - Womens  underwear (8) l?n?e?i?

                 which gives the answer LINGERIE

63 Across - Nationality of Adam Idah or Liam

                  Scales (5) IRISH

However if you take "first " E from Lingerie it makes the answer to 63 Across as ?e?sh



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WELSH obviously fits but Ive no idea why.

Question Author

Hi bhg, 

Thats what I thought it worth spending £1.25 on a stamp to send it in....J/Boy

Well the people are both Irish, so the answer must be Irish but I can't see L?N?R?I? for women's underwear.

Question Author

Hi bhg,

Lingerie is someone at the D/Record has made an error...thanks for your input.              J/Boy                                 


I am with you all,they are Irish but it doesn't fit in😟

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