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Enigmatic Variations N0. 1635 - Tom's Problem By Kcit

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Matakari | 17:05 Mon 25th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
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Good afternoon, some help would be appreciated for what seems to be an enticing offering for this week. Thanks in advance!

1 Across followed by 31-34 reading anticlockwise ( six words in total ) is a quotation minus its definite article and verb. It outlines TOM’S PROBLEM, with a fictional solution as the unclued entry. Two clues are double clues: separate clues for two words run together. Their associated entries are anagrams of the two answers, offering real solutions to TOM’S PROBLEM ( though one has since been adopted elsewhere). In each of six Down clues, three consecutive letters should be removed, always leaving real words, although the sense of the clue may suffer. In clue order these spell two  more fictional solutions. Chambers Dictionary (2016 ) is recommended.

13a Court action? Origins of that leading to unfinished set ( 4 ) : ?T??

16a Small amount --- a reduced volume in sanctioned channel ( 9 ) : TA?T?R???

18a Largely dim to slip off, being drunk ( 7 )  : E????ED

28a Obscure Conservative restricting Government ( 5 ) : ????Y

4d  Nationalist spots rising Scottish physicist ( 5 )  : ????L

6d Opec output to thwart maintaining rise in European currency ( 7, 2 words ) : ?U?????
                           ( RULE OUT )



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35 The answer is a word I'd never met, but it's in Chambers - it's an old film, a technical/trade word. There's the water/urinate that you had last week (reversed as it's 'on reflection') inside the very common three letter word for 'to stop'. 

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, a perfect hint for 21d – a + lam(e) +o
Having a look again at 5d now : ??AMS and Chambers will certainly come to the rescue for 35a:
My checks for 30a keep coming up blank. I am going over the letters again:

By the way, I’ve got the UNCLUED one.


You'll kick yourself when you see the answer to 5d

the answer is simply an the plural of a particular metric unit

30a- where was your M from please?


Thanks,Matakari. The M in  the long answer is wrong and so is Alamo! I couldn't have given a bigger hint for 5 D....

30a - i can see the two words to be anagrammed Neveracrossword, but can't solve it. Is this an unclued or is the definition in the clue?

feeble is wet, Matakari. You should have it now

NMA, it's a thematic entry, referred to in the preamble - I think Matakari gives the wording in his OP.

Matakari, I don't think my hints today were at fault! 

NMA, I meant to add that I am out, don't have my grid and find it difficult to scroll, check what has been said etc, on my little phone screen.



Question Author

Good morning, I got the feline mystery in the Unclued and even though I have not yet unscrambled the quotation and still baffled by 30a ( ?ETT?P?WS), it’s been a useful exercise for me. The final clue to fill the grid now:

28d Leading group of scientists engaged in sudden effort ( 5 ) :  F?R??

Many thanks, all! 

PS: Yes, NACW, Chambers came to the rescue for 35a. ( Tearjerker in Free Dictionary )

Thanks, Matakari.

28 D is a relatively straightforward clue. There's a usual abbreviation, often seen in crosswords, for a 'group of scientists' inside (engaged in ) a three letter 'sudden effort'.  The definition is 'leading'.

As you have the Unclued entry and were helped with 16 A, it shouldn't be too difficult to resolve 30 A. 

Question Author

Grateful, NACW, great hint for 28d! The answer to 30a has revealed itself and I’m now left with ordering the perimeter letters to find the quotation. I’m not sure if I understand correctly the 1 Across followed by 31-34 reading anticlockwise.  I have the following:

1a: NA?ING?F?ATS      31a: ARIA       32a: DOER     33a: ICER

Am I missing something? Thanks!

Matakari, you have misinterpreted the preamble instructions. The solver is to read 1 A (shaded) then go to 31 D (shaded) and follow the shaded bottom line till you get round to 34 (where the word reads upwards, of course).  Ignore those answers you mentioned.

PS Glad some of my hints are working!

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, for putting me back on track re the preamble! Enjoyed your hints and a T.S.Eliot read as well. I'll have a look at Chailcea now while  looking out for a gentle Spectator tomorrow.

What was 30a please? I concluded it involved Watts and pipe but am not sure of the theme or special instructions 

Matakari, thanks - you'll manage an EV yet! I think you'll enjoy the Listener, and today's Private Eye was straightforward. You'll be well and truly warmed up before tomorrow's Spectator. I - and, I'm sure, quite a few others - don't want a gentle one tomorrow, last week's wasn't much fun!

NMA, Pettipaws, thematically related to Tantomile...

Question Author

I came up with Pettipaws, Newmodarmy, in keeping with the feline component.

Question Author

It seems that NACW and I were answering at the same time, newmodarmy.

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Enigmatic Variations N0. 1635 - Tom's Problem By Kcit

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