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OftPuzzled | 14:00 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
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After some labour, I'm stuck for only a couple of the unclued, but haven't the foggiest of how any of the answers link to the theme. Could anyone help with the hidden 6-letter word to give me a clue? Just the first and last letter will suffice.



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I have a full grid, but in the same boat as you....

Could the name be Lister? but still not much idea of theme

Not quite finished, would appreciate help with:

8d chieftain in chariot cheers up a stunted stubborn type (9)


30d spoiler ruined current drama (3,3) -i-/d--

30 Air dam (spoiler) anagram of 'drama' + I (current)

Maybe anagram of I ( current) and drama?

I'm assuming it's a normal clue with no special instructions/ themed

8 Caratacus

Hmmm, maybe not for 8d

yes that works / (ta/thanks reversed)

+ a cus(s)

no,you're right captain2, many thanks


how about 15d fixer educated in banks (6) --e-e-

Tier-ed (tier someone who ties/fixes)

Thanks for parsing 8d - feel a twit, I couldn't see where the 'ta (cheers)' was!

many thanks captain 2


I, oftpuzzled and saladdoger would still appreciate help with the theme, the unclued look pretty random

I haven't looked at it yet, quinol/Oftpuzzled, so sorry, can't help any further.

The puzzle's title is a cryptic clue to the theme word (5 letters).

The unclued pairs are musical examples of the theme word.

The other unclued entries feature 4 short names related to the theme word in a different way (31d shouldn't be unclued - something like, ''desperately eager to please'' would work, I think).

 6 letter word is A????T  and is vertical in the grid....

Can I check 10a... 


Bowman supporter backs with a spear I dropped (10) 

Is it ARBA-LISTER or LESTER, as both appear to be acceptable. Thanks. 

It's 'Lester'. Leister (spear) with the 'i' removed.

Thanks greyfox :) 

Many thanks ProfessorMaisie and Saladdodger, only one light left now

24a at first lathyrus then tare (4) er-t


still don't see what alcott has to do with it though I think I see the theme

Sorry to digress peeps, but

Nice to see you Prof, hope as is well, long time no see.

Thanks, Captain2 - nice to see you too.

I'm still managing to find time for the puzzles, but keeping up a fairly hectic routine right now. I regularly pop in here just to follow the threads (keeps me on my toes}.

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