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lashley | 18:03 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

very hard-help and parsing please

1a victory for charlie in short story of 1993 about alternative reality 4 ?U?? dune?

9a serious reality a fathert in 1005 rejected 6 ?E????

11dname one famous graphic novel about church hymn writer long ago 11 ????????H??

13d creator of characters in copy seen in extra newspaper content,mostly 9 ??????B??







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1a Vurt - 'curt' (short) with 'v(ictory)' for 'C(harlie)'9a Verism - 'sire' (in) 'MV (1005)' (all back)11d Callimachus - 'call (name) i (one) "Maus" (graphic novel)' (all about) 'ch(urch)'13d Inscriber - 'crib' (copy, in) 'inser(t;...
18:06 Wed 03rd Apr 2024

1a Vurt - 'curt' (short) with 'v(ictory)' for 'C(harlie)'
9a Verism - 'sire' (in) 'MV (1005)' (all back)
11d Callimachus - 'call (name) i (one) "Maus" (graphic novel)' (all about) 'ch(urch)'
13d Inscriber - 'crib' (copy, in) 'inser(t; mostly)'

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many many thanks

You're welcome 😊

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Tls 1521

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