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smiley1 | 21:51 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Hi, is anyone having trouble submitting this? I have checked all the answers and they are correct  but it is saying there is an error. It might be 24A which is Dancing Queen, when you click on that it takes you to 12A



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What crossword are up you doing?  We need a clue

I've no idea what you're talking about, sorry.

Question Author

I put it in the title You Mag 31/3/24

Sorry smiley, I don't know how to access that Ab information. 


Neither do I access YouMag so will have to bow out - sorry again 


Question Author

thanks for trying

your title doesn't say: You mag 30/3/24,

it says: "Not Submitting".

We don't all have a copy of You magazine.

If you tell us the clues and letter count for 24a and 12a we could offer some suggestions to try and help.


Question Author

when I submitted it under crosswords it came up with the newspaper, crossword type and date so no idea why that didn't come through. The answers are 24A dancing queen and 12A fernando, but when you click on the clue for 24A it takes you to 12A so I think there is a compilers error not for the first time

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