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Science Crossword- Cryptic

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Matakari | 19:59 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
12 Answers

Good evening, help would be appreciated for the following, thank you:

23a Metal discovered in territorial borders? (8)  : ???L?I??
7d  Current bog will return to desert (4)   : ?O?I
19d  Maybe mingle with first free microbiologist? (7)  :  ?L?????



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7   Gobi

7d Gobi

19   Fleming anag mingle and f

Thallium fits

Question Author


Thallium must be right- it's a metal and its chemical symbol is TL (TerritoriaL borders/outer letters)

Question Author

Good morning, help for the last two would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

27a  Clear some cane toads (3)  : N?T
24d  Catch first hustler out – OK? (4)  :  H?O?

27a Net 

Ca(n et)oads

27 net (clear) - hidden in the clue

24 Hook (catch) = H(ustler) O(ut) OK

Hook. H(ustler) o(ut) ok

Nearly "snap" JJ

Question Author

Grateful for your brilliant answer and parsing, jj109 and 1ozzy!

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Science Crossword- Cryptic

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