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Sunday Times Crossword

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Gung-Ho-Joe | 12:07 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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"Hey John.....we have eight million useless atlasses here and a few million books that tell you stuff you can find online. Call the Sunday Times will you? They can give them away for us a prize for their crossword. Haaaaaaaaaa". 

 "Hey Mike......fantastic idea! I'll load the artic" 



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They must have got rid of the job lot of Cross pens  - I have two and two lots of the atlases etc, so don't enter anymore

There's still a thrill to be had from seeing your name in the winners' list regardless of the prize. 

I would be interested to know roughly how many people enter each week. Does anyone know?

I think that newspapers in general are struggling to sell enough copies. The Sunday Times is only about half the size it was 10 years ago.

.....and twice the price!

Hence the Daily/Sunday Express' drastic cuts to their overall prize fund last year. 

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Sunday Times Crossword

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