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michaeljhoward | 20:16 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
4 Answers

Everyman crossword No. 4042, The Observer, Sunday 7 April 2024

'Powerful man alongside Nick Robinson at the start and end, dancing about? (10)' I've got Charleston but cannot parse.

'Check third character in Just One Thing's heading off'. Can't figure this one out. Thanks in advance 



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Someone asked about that clue first thing this morning - check the Everyman thread from Wolfram. (I can't remember the details of the parsing, I don't do the puzzle.)

Stem (ju)S(t) + (i)TEM

Charles (powerful man) to (alongside) n (first and last letter in Nick Robinson)

Stem - (ju)s(t) (I)tem


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