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Rte 16

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scooke | 11:29 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

2d in the farrier stakes, how might  unbeaten favourite, sizzling smith, be at the betting?(3-3)???-h?t

8a be specific... if pre 07 twas a clarion call for a concert here (4,2,3,5)?o??,to ,the,?????

6d ..but, now proud to disclose its a hard rain thats gonna fall(8)???n???r

16d .. its as much preparation as procedure for archaeologists(10)??o?r?????



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2 red hot

8 keep to the point?

6 downpour, anag

Come to the point?

16 groundwork?

16 Groundwork?

Come to the point is better!

The Point is a Dublin theatre

More to the point

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Rte 16

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