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Viz Crossword No. 335 [Pg, Nsfw, Bit Naughty Etc]

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FleshpotsOfDevon | 12:34 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
17 Answers

Ruder, obscurer and obscene-er than ever, this month's Viz requires a working knowledge of Viz lore but is still satisfying and doable from a cryptic standpoint. This one is eluding me though. 


Shirt on, slag adjusted thong (4,7)


?L?T / ?A?N?S?




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It pains me to type it, but -

Slot garnish (thong) - anag 'shirt on slag'

Question Author

I know, mate...I know ;) Some answers in the Viz crossword come far too easily haha 

That was one of my possibles from working it out on paper, along with a few others that could've worked. Thanks! 

Slot Garnish

You're welcome.  Never mention it again. 😉

Fnaaaar. 😄

That youn Finbar?  ^^

Question Author

For a first prize of £50, there are no limits to how low I am prepared to sink...

stuck on a couple - any help please

7d pound burglar (6) N???E?

22d vile smell under opening of *** and flange for the present time (6) ?R???O


thanks in advance


Question Author

7d NICKER (slang for a pound) 

22d I think it's CRIMBO (I.E. "the present time") I'm not sure of the parsing. 

Crimbo - 'BO' (under) 'c([rest of word]; opening of)' + 'rim' (flange)

Question Author

LiK, you're excelling yourself on the filthiest crossword in the world ;) 

With great trepidation, final clue

Fishy c**** church official originally caught in vice

clam C?O?

could guess but can't parse

With even greater trepidation -

Clam chop = 'ch(urch) o(fficial; originally)' (in) 'clamp' (vice) (??)

I can't find a reference, for which I'm fairly thankful 😵

19 ac 

Volcanic explosion in pants, storm below I suspect (11) 

?t???b????? (I think)

Thanks in advance



Thank you for Clam chop



Thanks for all the answers - much appreciated

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Viz Crossword No. 335 [Pg, Nsfw, Bit Naughty Etc]

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