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Eye Crossword N0 776

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Matakari | 19:15 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, some help with the following would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

1d  Minister Henry, um, getting screwed aboard plane (6,4)  ????M?????
2d  Waves of fantastic gains followed by loss – so backing out (7) ????A??
7d  Not pro-Europe, in brief, after one's on carpet (7) ????E??

24a  Inactive males only wanting new false tan (8) ?????A?T
28a  Crafty thing, er, after drug-swallowing scare (9) F?E?????R




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jeremy hunt





Matakari, I'm sorry, I couldn't help chuckling. 4 (out of 5) of those involve anagrams! 

Question Author

Good morning! Grateful for any help with the following, thanks! 

1a   Comic's dig about senior Tory leaders? (6)  J?S?E?    ( JESTER )
11a Host was like a fish, drinking last of beer (5)  S?A?M
27a Republic's call for attention over controversial technology (getting tense)
(5)  ??N?I

26d  Roger has droop – holding his head (4)  ???G


And a confirmation for these two that I cannot parse, thanks!

21 What's wrong with Dicky getting a wrap? (8)  TORTILLA

25 Being penetrated by sailor: unduly prohibited (5) TABOO

P.S. I could not believe the anagrams were staring me in the face, NACW.

11    Swarm

25   Sailor ab, unduly too

Haiti - your "n" is wrong


21   Wrong = tort, dicky = ill, a

26   Shag


1   Jeer around st

Question Author

Grateful to all for the answers and comprehensive hints!

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Eye Crossword N0 776

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