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Inquisitor 1851

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Cillagoose | 16:17 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Help please to finish endgame. I have full grid and the continuous line of theme words. But can't find poet or three words to change.



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Cillagoose, the poet becomes easy to spot when you have changed the three words.  I looked at all of the Down entries and saw some that could be changed easily - and two of them could form similar things. If you'd like a further clue, just ask...


PS The poet appears in a very traditional place in themed crosswords.

Question Author

Thanks, I have tried that! Are all three changes just one letter in an existing down answer, and all three make new across words too?  Breeches? I've searched diagonals for name. Maybe I have a wrong answer somewhere.

Thanks, Cillagoose. 'Breeches' was the one I didn't get initially, it was the other two that lead to similar things, things  related to the human body. Yes, there's a single letter change in a Down entry, leading to a change in the Across one.

PS Now that you have Breeches, most of the poet should be visible, over half his name is there...

Question Author

Thanks again. Now completed. I thought I'd be kicking myself but actually not. Very hard!

Thanks, Cillagoose, glad I could help - and glad you got there in the end. I too found this tricky in places, but it was enjoyable. 

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Inquisitor 1851

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