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Spectator 2650 Last 2 Help Please

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quinol | 17:40 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

35a Ian's pets having time for number of openings (5)

d-wt- (trouble with scots as usual)

39a saw, with many points s-o-t-ed

(should be 'spotted' but can't parse)



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35 dawts - change n in dawns to t

39 is a double definition - if something has lots of points/ dots it is spotted

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toorak, many thanks - I kept thinking of a saw with teeth


and didn't try the 'a' in dawts

Help please .... 7d.  A testee finally errs, plying this?  (6)  era?e?


Eraser - anagram of a (teste)e errs

Thank you. ;o)

1A Precious metals cook nealy left (1,6)


dont follow why there isnt a clue for 1D

3d college maintains college processes (4)?n?i

5d European imperialist revived Yankee charm (6)





1a A gauche (left) - 'Ag + Au' (silver + gold) + 'che(f; nearly)'
3d Unci - 'c(ollege)' (in) 'uni' (college)
5d Enamor (charm, US spelling) - 'E(uropean)' + 'Roman' (revived; up)

I don't have the puzzle, so can't comment on 1d, but some discussion here -

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Spectator 2650 Last 2 Help Please

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