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The Times 28895

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TioMateo | 16:07 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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3 clues where I know the answer but don't get the parsing :-


Collect some bread in unusual haste (has pocket emptied)? (4,5,3,3).    PASS ROUND THE HAT.  Anagram of "haste has + pt" plus ROUND?  Why/How?


Not exacly a man to excite, with energy going spare (10).  CADAVEROUS


What remains after last of our recycling efforts?  (8).  REHASHES



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... or evenc a dave rous(e)
18:21 Sun 21st Apr 2024

2 Dave inside carous(e)

(Ou)r eh (what) & ashes (remains)

Po(cke)t maybe?

Ignore that


Perhaps reference to some bread being round?

Some bread =round of bread

A slice of toast is sometimes called s round of toast so maybe its the same for bread

So anagram of Has Haste and p(ocke)t and Round

Cadaverous should parse as

ca (not exactly) Dave (a man) rous(e) excite minus e (energy)

... or even

c a dave rous(e)

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The Times 28895

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