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Rte 18

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scooke | 09:06 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
10 Answers

17d ... so i am  briefly forced to say awestruck(9)?m???????

25a he did for caesar as mark antony did for him(6)???t??

28a respect and tact good manners in fact(10)???r???i??

24d worrying time, like any other time(5)?e???



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25a Brutus

25 Brutus

17d   IMpressed?

impressed will be right. Brutus is right.

Do you have any more letters now please for 28a and 24d

Question Author

28a ?d?r?e?i??  not sure is the letter d correct

24d dont have any more letters ,sorry


Question Author

24d  i have.... ?e?s?      worrying time, like any other time

tense but not sure exactly why

As in past tense


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Rte 18

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