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kamanu15 | 16:50 Mon 06th May 2024 | Crosswords
10 Answers

another bad day today - sorry!

1A Tour lots here possibly and have total control (4,3,5)

10D Rotating spanners when going over water (5,7)

7D A path followed by doves (5,7)

25A Study embargo blocking much of  deal i n smuggled goods (10)

29A Plucky pair with energy to be of use in conservation deal (4,8)

Many thanks



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Rule the roostswing bridgespeace processcontrabandgame reserve 
16:53 Mon 06th May 2024

Rule the roost

swing bridges

peace process


game reserve


1 rule the roost - anagram


Shaded letters spell out HURTLE which might help you

Question Author

Margo Tester - many thanks. Actually I do not do the shaded parts  for the prize.  Just enjoy doing the cryptics. BTW is the last word in 29A reserves as the answer is 4 and 8 letters?


No it's reserve  - the number count is wrong, should read 4 7. Nice to see you about again, ta for BA

Question Author

Thanks for that Margo tester.  Well what is 22 D then please?

"Price shortly publicised about current area of grassy land "(7)


Question Author

You are a genius Margotester - thanks a million!😁

I wish 😂😂 - 

Actually 29a is Game Preserve.

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