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Sunday Express Skeleton 12Th May

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Frustrate | 23:37 Mon 13th May 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

Stuck again! Help please on

9d Hooligans dash off, heading South. 9 letters ?????????

22a A person working closer to home 7 letters ??o?e?I

23a okay rum cocktail, by the way 7 letters ??r???u

1a Key overheard landing 4 letters ????

Hope for help please. Frustrate 





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9. tearaways

23. mark you

1. quay

22) persona

Question Author

Many thanks as usual for great help. I think I got part of the grid wrong which didn't help! Frustrate 

1 quay

Do try and keep up dear girl 😁

22a is one.
Working = on.
Closer to home = e.

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Sunday Express Skeleton 12Th May

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