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pattyanne | 22:23 Sun 19th May 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

Any help appreciated

makes play of reusing smart ideas(10)???m?t???s

Return containers with fury here in Norway. (9) ??a?a???r.

In bed,one makes a strange form with ease (9) ?o?f?rt.

Quick,but not quiet,attack.(4) ??i?

The extent to which you prepare before delivering a pasting! (4)S??e

Thank you for all help. 



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In bed...Comfort 

Quick... Raid(rapid loses the P, quiet, musical term)

1 Dramatises, anagram.


2 Stavanger, place in Norway.


2 Stavanger

Last one, Size, double definition (extent+ a means of preparing wallpaper).

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Thank you so much. You were all a great help.

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