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Rte Crossword 22

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snaro | 16:42 Mon 20th May 2024 | Crosswords
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One left please 4 letters.?e?e. Half a cow you sow on the plate you ate?



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Question Author

Tanx never a crossword and the significance of (you sow )inclusion?


but why?

Question Author

Don't know I also dis counted mete in favour of Hereford by neveracrossword which appears most plausible .Tanx for imput. No

The RTE clues often have me baffled, even when the best solvers here have given the answers!  I just went with 'half a cow' and ignored the rest... and I won't mind if there's a real, better answer.

Question Author

Agreed and tanx again.

Just wondering if maybe  L-i K could make sense of this?


As well as Hereford cows there are Hereford sows (pigs)

And there are Hereford plates

NMA, thanks for that info - it seems to make the clues more... of a real clue! (The RTE clues can be mystifying - some people think they're quirky, I have used less flattering words.)

4d ?e?l .so here  dont fit as 10a is last wilL. So is it meal or veal??

I agree it's not HERE as although it's half of Hereford there's no specific definition of HERE in the clue.

I wanted it to be SEED to explain the SOW.

Maybe it is meal or veal if the L is definitely right, but I don't get the sow bit or half a cow bit.

What was the clue that gave you the last will to give you the L. Snaro had an E not an L so I wonder what his/her answer was

Newmodarmy I think this is the clue:

10a old testament to come after it and be read when you go(4,4)

thznks- so I wonder what Snaro put to give the E

maybe snaro put last rite rather than last will?

any more ideas please??

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Rte Crossword 22

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