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Daij | 20:46 Tue 21st May 2024 | Crosswords
19 Answers

1d Each board's displaying food (8)


2d Curse you in French tongue (5)


17a Sword act by that lady succeeded - go beserk (4,8)

???? , ?????E??

21a Own aged iron boxes (7)


12d Remains belonging to scholar of ancient Iran (8)



Thanks in advance



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2d Bantu? Or something else ending in Tu?

Ban is given as a synonym of curse (new one to me), so BanTu it is

1d. eatables ???

12d persists?

Oh yes, EA TABLES is perfect.

I was trying too hard to get EVERY in there

21a I can't see the wordplay but OWN= Possess?

or conFEss?

Question Author

I did ponder POSSESS but was toying between something containing Fe or PRESS (iron). Drew a blank on both

21 Con FE ss

Any more for 17a?

Or profess ?

17   Spit feathers?

I can see the Fe for iron in conFess, and the definition, but can't see the rest of the wordplay

Spit feathers looks good 

spit (sword) feat (act) her (that lady) s(ucceeded)

Question Author

Many thanks for your help



Hi petethedog99- I can see the definition and the Fe (iron) inside (boxed in) but I'm wondering how the pross bit is  arrived at?

 Or is it OF in press (iron)?

I think 21a is profess. Own = profess. Aged = of. Iron = press. Iron boxes in aged so press boxes in of. Bit garbled I know!

Yes it's just the AGED=OF bit I can't see

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