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Spectator 2655

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FleshpotsOfDevon | 07:36 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Crosswords
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True to form, the last one is a short one, and I only need one letter for it lol Pretty much a breeze from Doc this week, otherwise. 


Mac's to take notice of Spanish wine plug (4) TE?T





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Tent, various meanings, definitions (but I didn';t have time to check)

Question Author

Ah yes I see what you mean, thanks ! 

Thanks, Fleshpots... I knew two of the meanings, they've come up before, so assumed the third one (plug) would be fine too. It was a... very tame puzzle, but I was expecting that anyway!

Question Author

I did about 3/4 of it last night when it came online (12am-ish) before bed. The theme came pretty easily after I got 7d. Quite tame even by Doc's standards, tbh.

Fleshpots, I sometimes find it hard to believe, remember, that Doc used to produce clever, tricky, interesting puzzles. Those days are long gone! 

Question Author

What is Doc's real name? 

Fleshpots, Tom Johnson.

Question Author

Does he set any other crosswords? If I've done some of them it'd be interesting to compare them. 

He sets Maskerade in the Guardian - I think those are the jumbo, themed puzzles, but I'm not certain! He also sets/used to set puzzles for the Financial Times, the Telegraph and quite a few other publications.

Question Author

I may have done a few of his Telegraph ones, then. All in all those are/were much tougher prospects I assume. Doc has his moments in the Speccy but this one seemed almost like a throwaway. (I know I'm not as expert as some here so can't really speak with authority, but I consider myself to be a seasoned Spec solver by now) 

enjoyed this probably because it wasn't too hard, slightly delayed by being sure the unclued were shirleys, very sorry to unclue bassey - there were 2 others.

1 or 2 of the actual ones were pretty uninspiring

I'd finished it by lunchtime. A little, personal triumph for me.

Tilly2 and Quinol, I was pleased to hear you'd enjoyed the puzzle - that can offset some of my jadedness! (I think I've had about  20 years of doing the Spectator puzzle, so have had a very wide variety...)

Whilst Docs puzzle  be easier than o

Oh dear, that's what comes of trying to post between underground stations on a busy train.

I meant to say that whilst Doc's puzzles have been easier than the others it was by working through them that I am now able to solve the more difficult ones. So I say 'Thank you' to Doc. 

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Spectator 2655

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